Gold Plus Support Availability Lookup

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Thank you for your interest in Gold Plus Service from Citrix.

Please fill in the below address information for the location that the appliance you are purchasing Gold Plus for will physically reside. The following page will provide further instruction on how to proceed.

1.Enter the support location information.

Postal Code:
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City: and State: (US only)

2. Select a country:

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Service Logistics Product Response


For US locations, enter either a Postal Code or a City/State combination.

For locations outside the US, enter either a Postal Code or a City; leave the State box blank. Then select the Country.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you enter a Postal Code, the City and State information is ignored.

The response obtained from this tool is an estimate of current coverage at a point in time only.

For inquiries on this tool: Contact Citrix Support